Can a Cat Have Allergies?

Can a Cat Have Allergies?
Can a Cat Have Allergies?

Have you ever wondered if your furry friend could have allergies? The solution is, yes, they could! The sad part is the purrfect spouse can not voice their pain or distress. Each fantastic fur mother or dad desires the absolute best for their pets.

Cats may have allergies, just like us. Your furry friend may be allergic to their own cat foods or other environmental toxins. The allergies that your kitty may have could seriously impact their health.

Here are some common signs Your cat may have allergies:

  • Your kitty is constantly scratching
  • Your kitty is biting their paws
  • Your kitty is rubbing their face
  • Your cat gets serious skin problems
  • Your kitty gets breathing problems
  • Your kitty has regular intestinal problems
  • Your kitty is snoring
  • Your kitty gets bald patches
  • Your kitty gets redness around their brow, eyes, ears, and mouth

The very first step to help your furry friend is figuring that which they’re allergic to, it could be seasonal allergies, environmental problems, or food sensitivities. It can be difficult for all of us to figure on our own, really it is a guessing game. Why not be certain? Apart from visiting a Vet, you might also have allergy testing completed. The results are intriguing.

We’ve partnered with 5Strands Pet Testing which means you no longer need to guess if a cat has allergies. Here’s What they could provide your purrfect spouse:

5Strands Affordable Pet Testing supplies a noninvasive HAIR analysis evaluation on over 300 things that will help you zero in on the important sensitivities. It’s possible to use our testing results as a screening tool to produce the necessary dietary and environmental lifestyle adjustments necessary to deal with your pet’s problems.

5Strands Affordable Pet Testing scans your pet’s hair sample (10-15 strands) with bio-resonance technology and supplies an extensive, easy-to-understand report. You may expect to get your pet’s evaluation results within 5 — 7 days following your hair sample arrives in the processing centre.

As a reminder, 5 Strands Affordable Pet Testing only checks for non-IgE mediated reactions or”intolerances.” This sort of reaction might have a delayed start with symptoms appearing several hours or days following exposure or ingestion and lasting a longer time period.

Have a look at a Few of their client feedback:4 StarsChelsea Carter — This gave me a fantastic elimination guideline for Katie’s diet and meal plan. 5 StarsLaura Hanson — Talked with Elaine out of Affordable Testing, obtained excellent advice about the best way best to interpret the evaluation results. The explanation they supplied against the results was fantastic, but it always helps being able to talk out things using a representative. Glad I did not get an automatic machine.
5 StarsVicky Hall — Exactly what a Fantastic test. My kitty snowball was having horrible droopy eye problems. Found out that he held an intolerance into 3 of those components in his meow mix.
5 StarsRobert Grover — Amazing Item! Great info and fantastic advice on an elimination diet5 StarsJessica — Exactly what a fantastic elimination diet to follow! Found out that Winston had been having trouble with all the corn. Also was having responses into the cotton philosopher we build him /5 StarsCiera Waugh — Amazing customer services. I believe I talked with Austin and he had been very enlightening and comprehend with all of my inquiries
5 Stars — Excellent customer services. I believe I talked with Austin and that he had been very enlightening and comprehend with all of my inquiries
5 StarsRamona H. — My kitty suffered from chronic bronchitis. After I got this evaluation and assessed my kitty’s results over the telephone with Lauren, I made a decision to eliminate the things on her list from her diet. She’s worlds better today, and I am quite thankful. (What’s my carpeting.) 5 StarsJules — This evaluation only took 6 weeks for me to receive my results back for Millie. Quite impressed
5 StarsAnna Marie Wright — 10 out of 10! I’ve recommended this to everyone! If your cat has skin problems, this will help you to find out why!!!

So yes, even a cat could have allergies! Want to receive your cat examined, only click here to learn more.
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