DIY Craft – Felted Cat Toy

The 12 Days of Cat-mas
The 12 Days of Cat-mas

Make it! A crafty cat job which utilizes recycled material? Now that is the cat’s meow.

Make these adorable cat toys using this simple procedure of felting. Having a Wiffle ball foundation, these toys aren’t only lighter than those of full felt structure, but also simpler and quicker to create. Plus, they will have a bell interior for extra pleasure and are a simple and practical approach to recycle small quantities of wool fleece and yarn.

• Plastic Wiffle balls (any size, however the 1″ — 3″ sizes are greatest )

• Wool fleece: 1/4 ounce for small toy, 1/2 ounce for large toy

• Small bells (1 per ball)

• Plastic twist ties

• White glue

• Nylon stocking (legs only) or knee-highs

• Cable cutters or similar cutting apparatus

• Washing Machine

1. Together with your cable cutters, create a couple little cuts on each side of a few of those holes at the Wiffle ball so you make an opening large enough to push among those bells through.

2. Gently push the bell in the ball. In the event the ball fractures, to not worry–you’ll be covering it using wool anyhow.

3. Working quickly, apply a thin layer of white glue to all external surfaces of the ball.

4. Before the glue dries, then add the wool into the exterior of the ball at a haphazard pattern, making sure to pay the ball completely and uniformly. (Place a number of this wool aside to include later in the event you have thin or bald spots following the initial felting.) For an additional decorative touch, you are able to wrap parts of wool yarn round the wool fleece, should you pick.

5. Slide the wool-covered ball to the nylon stocking leg or knee-high. This measure is absolutely necessary. If not shielded from the stocking, the wool will probably be pulled off the ball through washing.

6. As you would a bread bag, twist the stocking and then utilize the plastic twist tie to close the opening.

7. throw the stocking comprising your wool-covered ball in the washing machine along with a load of clothes. Wash on a hot or warm water atmosphere followed by a cold beverage. After the laundry is done, carefully consider your ball from the stocking. (Conserve the stocking for creating prospective felted cat toys)

8. Assess the ball to get thin or bald spots Should you discover you have some, let the ball dry thoroughly, before adding more glue and wool into the affected region, then place it into the stocking and then launder together with your next load of laundry. You might want to felt it another time anyway to provide the felt more durability.

9. Play moment! If your kitty has sufficiently loosened the felt structure, simply just replicate the procedure and the toy is good as new!


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