Heartworm Resistance, Why Dog Owners Should Never Ditch Heartworm Prevention


Dog owners have concerns existing heartworm protection medications may no longer be a good, reliable treatment method because of a heartworm resistant strain. Up to now, numerous studies have definitely not located a resistant strain of heartworms – even though the American Heartworm Society and also Companion Animal Parasite Council concur that there is some evidence that a genetic deviation in some heartworms is connected with a lowered susceptibility to heartworm preventives.

Even so, the guidance is overwhelmingly that pet owners must not discontinue preventative heartworm treatment. You can read this content in full on the Veterinary News Website. This great article procedes to highlight their professional recommendation to have an annual heartworm check.

Research has revealed that fifty percent of pet owners that provide their pets monthly dog heartworm treatment do not supply the drugs as advised. This could account for the high number of pet dogs which are afflicted with heartworms even though the dogs receive the regular monthly heartworm treatment. Veterinarians and researchers have examined the life cycle of heartworms and definitely feel strongly that the heartworm medicine can’t lead to heartworm resistance. It is considered that almost all infected pets were infected due to the fact medication wasn’t given correctly.

Regular heartworm treatment gets rid of the larvae within the blood stream. The medicine must be given every thirty days. If the standard protocol isn’t observed, it will be possible for any pet dog to be afflicted. An existing court action against a heartworm treatment product has caused rising worries among dog owners. Nonetheless, heartworm resistance is actually not confirmed. It is more likely that the medication dosage of regular monthly treatment methods are inadequate in parts of the globe in which mosquito population is soaring or perhaps the dog owners didn’t administer the medication dosage accurately.

The truth is more and more pet dogs have become infected with heartworms and a lot of these pet dogs received the regular heartworm preventative. On many occasions, the dog owner did not follow the right timetable or perhaps failed to make sure the dog consumed the full medication dosage. What’s more, a good number of instances have been in regions such as the Gulf Coast in which the mosquito population has escalated appreciably within the last ten years. If heartworm resistance is actually developing, it has definitely not yet been discovered. Much more research is necessary to detect whether heartworm resistance is truly the reason for rising heartworm infections.

It is necessary for dog owners to guarantee the monthly protective medicine is given every calendar month. Also, it is crucial for pet owners to ensure their own dog takes in the full medication dosage. At present, the heartworm protective medicine failure rate is fewer than one in one million. Even if you might have fears concerning heartworm resistance, you must continue to treat your dog with a monthly heartworm protection plan. Study will go on to find out if heartworm resistance has developed. Shield the dog using once a year testing and carry on with heartworm treatment.

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