How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier- Simple Tips For Yorkie Owners


For lots of people that own yorkies, it can without a doubt be hard trying to train a yorkshire terriers. Particularly when the yorkie doesn’t want to listen to you. I know exactly how discouraging it can be and how mad it can make you feel. And that’s why I wish to reveal tips on how to train a yorkshire terrier with you.

And by learning it this way, you will be able to have the best trained dog and every time you want to teach them something, you will understand how to easily get them to learn tricks and commands without having to worry if they’ll mind you, pay attention, or learn what you’re attempting to show them.

When you begin training your dog, 1 of the things that you need to know (you likely already do know this) is that yorkies like to play around and they unquestionably love to have the attention. The reason you should know this is because you can use this to your advantage. They learn very quickly when you have their full attention, so make sure you have your dog’s popular snack handy so that they’ll pay close attention to what you want them to do.

The other yorkshire terrier training tip that will assist you when you are attempting to train your dog is to give them rewards. This means giving them positive reinforcement and their favorite treats. Pretty much every puppies like to be told they’re great dogs and they are doing good. But yorkies actually enjoys this. They enjoy making their owners proud of them. And like tip number 1, you can use this to your advantage. After your dog does a command that you taught them, hand them a treat and let them know they are practicing good. Also, if you’re potty training your yorkie, be sure to give them snacks when they go potty outside or on the potty pad.

The third tip that will help you train a yorkshire terrier is to make sure you are practicing with them on a every day. You need to be persistent and ordered with them. This is how they learn what to do quick. Yorkshire terriers are very smart dogs, so by consistently showing them the instructions or tricks that you want them to do, they’ll easily pick up on it. They just need you to show them repeatedly.

The tips that were noted above show you how to teach a yorkshire terrier to obey commands and learn tricks. If you are still having problems training your dog, don’t worry. There are a couple of other things you can do that will make it easy for you to get your dog to understand the commands you’re trying to teach it. Just remember to be patient and consistent.

There’s other tips on yorkshire terrier training that you should know if you need to easily train your dog. To view the other tips, click here.



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