How To Train Your (Bearded) Dragon


Lizards, when taken care of perfectly, make fantastic pets. Bearded dragons are one in the most well-liked lizards available currently. This post explains a little about bearded dragon life styles and offers the needed facts to set up your personal bearded dragon habitats.

A medium sized lizard with ten year long lifespan, the bearded dragon is originally from Australia. Measured from snout to tail tip, these lizards can reach up to two feet in length. Omnivorous creatures, bearded dragons like to a great deal on crickets, pinky mice, leafy greens, and earthworms. Also make sure to always have fresh water obtainable and to mist your lizard. Social by nature, it is possible to keep bearded lizards together, without having too a lot difficulty.

Native to central Australia, bearded dragons choose forested, dry, warm climates. During the day, they hang out in trees and bushes, but also is usually uncovered basking on warm stones. To preserve your lizard wholesome and content, try to recreate this natural surroundings as closely as possible in its new tank.

To commence, you should select the ideal bearded dragon cage. Although hatchling bearded dragons do fine in your average 10-15 gallon tank, adults really should be kept in aquariums at the least 55 gallons huge, so preserve this in mind when searching for a tank. Also, bearded dragons can be quite the escape artists, so a tight fitting lid is often a must!

Once you could have chosen a tank, you ought to pick the type of bedding or substrate you’ll use. This substrate needs to be absorbent, digestible, and uncomplicated to clean. Most major pet stores cell bedding particularly made for bearded dragons, but you can something simple, like newspaper, as nicely. On the other hand, for the safety of your respective lizard, you need to steer clear of gravel, cedar shavings, kitty litter, and crushed gravel.

When your substrate is in place, it is possible to decorate the tank. Be creative! The more hiding areas and issues to climb on your lizard has, the happier he will likely be. Oak sticks make excellent climbing posts, and flat rocks are perfect for basking. Reside plants can also be added, as lengthy as they are non toxic.

Last but not least, you have to opt for and install light and heat fixtures. This part of tank pattern is vital since your lizards are cold blooded and depend on you for heat. 78-88 degrees F is an proper day time temperature and 70 degrees F works at night. The easiest way to offer this should be to set up incandescent light bulbs at the top of the tank. Specific basking lights are also crucial to produce a hot spot where your new pet can bask.

Select a perfect bearded dragon habitat for you new pet.



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