The 12 Days of Cat-mas

The 12 Days of Cat-mas
The 12 Days of Cat-mas

Each year, we must solve the problem of what to provide the pickiest member of their family — the kitty, obviously. Although she can love your mattress, sofa, chair and recliner, each cat requires a place to call their very own for lounging, napping and daydreaming purposes. Obviously, it should be soft, fluffy and hot, using luxury craftmanship that befits your kitty’s (possibly imagined) standing as king or queen of the domain. Input that the Sleepypod Crater Dot, a luxurious lounger with optional heating pad created with a thick foam foundation that adheres to a cat’s particular form and guarantees that the sweetest of dreams.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day Two

Naturally, your kitty is the life of this celebration, also will have lots of glamorous events to attend this holiday season. (I am personally convinced that my cat believes that everybody comes over on December 25 to visit .) Make sure he is looking his sharpest with this magnificent red bowtie out of Sweet Pickles Designs. Handmade in Portland, OR, every collar is designed to attach to a cat’s regular collar for simple cat couture. Worried that the reddish will clash with your kitty’s ginger colouring? Sweet Pickles also causes this joyous variety in black and purple.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 3

Most cats do not travel well, however you may keep your kitty with you always once you’ve got a photograph! Personalize your iPhone with Get Unusual’s amazing, high-quality picture reproducing services. Upload a photograph of a favorite feline into Get Unusual’s system and they will send you your pay super-quick. If you would prefer a cute cover to the iPad, they’ll help you with that as well. But hurry — they want your order by December 14th to guarantee delivery for Christmas Day.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 4

My cats love catnip, but I hate vacuuming up all of the pieces of dried plant when they’re finished rolling around inside. (It is hell on the rugs.) SuperCat Catnip Markers are a fast, no-mess approach to disperse catnip on all of the things you would like your kitty to love (like the scratching post she is eschewing in favour of the sofa ). The catnip is enclosed in microbubbles, which split apart and release catnippy goodness to the atmosphere. The ink in these types of mark is non-staining and non-toxic, which makes it secure for the cat and your furniture.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 5

Looking for an elegant bit of contemporary design that’s durable and washable? Look no farther than the Canopy Lounge, shown here using all the Eames Dots print mattress. Constructed of walnut, with a bent plywood shell and solid legs, exceptional care was taken in the building of the pet bed, together with joints carefully strengthened to guarantee optimum durability. This recliner increases the caliber on pet beds!

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 6

This sterling silver necklace from Wags And Tags comes with a kitty bowl design in sterling silver. It sports a single glittery, glamorous fish skeleton. This necklace can be personalized with three lines of text and includes either a diamond or cubic zirconia inlay. This necklace is ideal for the proud nonetheless stylish kitty lady — hang it on the matching sterling silver string or glam up your keychain.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 7

Sweet silver jewelry could be ideal for your cat-loving lady in your list — check out Mark Poulin’s animation inspired layouts! Made with sterling silver, every piece is beautiful and distinctive (like my kitty!) . I am partial to the Little Rocket Cat Necklace, however there are also amazing rings and buttons to be had.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 8

Does your discerning kitty need an elegant place to eat? The Wetnoz Fat Cat bowl may be the reply to kitty’s pre-dinner prayers. Made from stainless steel, the layout features such practical features as no-skid rubber feet and an anti-whisker anxiety layout. Nevertheless, we love this bowl because of its cool and advanced layout and luxurious construction.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 9

Get your little elf an ideal accessory this holiday season! This elf hat To Scarborough Fair is hand-felted from pure wool, and remains on kitty’s head with a comfortable elastic strap. Fantastic to get Santa’s Little Helper in the holidays!

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 10

Is your kitty looking to unwrap a fun new toy under the tree this Christmas? Let us urge the Bergan Turbo Track, a customizable toy which keeps cats imagining. A good way for the cat to find some indoor workout this winter, the Turbo Track twist-locks so that you are able to alter or expand the original layout. Bergan also has optional scratch pads which may be added to a own design. Keeping your cat amused? A Merry Christmas for you !

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 11

I understand what I need out of my kitty this season — the present of never scratching our new couch. In case you’re looking for a similar gift from your own cat this season, make sure you think about a scratcher that matches her. We love this scratcher/lounger combo from Pet Fusion — meets the requirement to scratch and tear! It is created from super-scratchable cardboard, and its elegant design means there is not any need to conceal this one off.

12 Days Of Cat-mas Presents: Day 12

Does your cat must eliminate this holiday season? Then think about a pet bed playhouse out of PowWowMeow. Each mattress is super cozy and comfy for your kitty, also comes complete with feather toys to maintain kitty amused.


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