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Why Do Cats Knead?
Why Do Cats Knead?

If you do not understand what kneading is, it is if cats press alternating paws to a surface, including an individual or gentle blanket, similar to bakers kneading bread dough. Why is it that cats knead? Unfortunately, we do not know for certain why cats knead. The 1 thing we do understand is that kneading only happens when cats are satisfied and do not feel threatened, which explains why it’s frequently accompanied by purring. The explanations below, but are the most likely, and so most popular, theories as to why cats knead.Kitten Instincts: When kittens are nursing, they knead their mommy’s stomach to stimulate milk production. The most likely reason why a cat kneads is to get its familiar comfort this activity supplies. Kneading occurs quite frequently when a cat has been petted, scratched, or cuddled, and it is probably since they’re reminded of their comfort they felt when breastfeeding.In Heat: Female cats have a tendency to knead prior to entering warmth, or estrus. It is one of the many methods of signaling to male cats”hey, I am prepared to partner! Let’s create some kittens!”Stretching: Kneading is a fantastic way for cats to stretch the muscles inside front legs and shoulders, as well as their spine. If you are into yoga, then consider this as child’s pose using a little more involvement from the arms.Territorial: Did you know cats have scent glands in their own fur beans (paw pads)? Kneading helps trigger these glands so that your kitty can tell different kitties to back off–you are their individual! Obviously, this may also work for things like their mattress, toys, or even the place around their water and food bowls.Ancestral Instincts: quite a long time back, before cats were domesticated, felines would knead bud, leaves, and anything else was on the floor, to soften it to earn a comfortable place to sleep or give birth. It is possible our kitties have kept this intuition and utilize kneading as a pre-naptime ritual.Kneading could be painful if you are on the receiving end of this. Nobody likes claws continuously digging in their skin. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep in mind that cats do not understand they are hurting you. They knead their moms and it does not hurt themso why would it hurt you? It is a completely natural behavior for cats in order that they shouldn’t be reprimanded for this. Rather try clipping your cat’s nails, or placing a blanket between your skin and your kitty’s paws. We hope this helps you understand why cats knead!Interested in learning more about cat behaviour? Have a look at this post on studying your cat’s body language!


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